How And Why Rolex Prices Have Increased Over Time

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While the steep rise in the price of watches could not have been concealed from any connoisseur and watch lover, it is difficult to explain how and why things have changed so radically. To answer as many questions as possible, we have tried to examine the price development of one of the absolute benchmarks of the luxury watch industry: Rolex.

There are many different factors why Rolex watches are purchased. For a long time it is no longer just a collector's item, a prestige object or a lover's item. Rather, it is also a capital investment, which in some cases offers considerable value growth. In contrast to classical financial products, these precious timepieces have an additional emotional return. They symbolize success, underline the personal style and inspire by the highest watchmaking.

For the price development of the Rolex watches there are different influencing factors. On the one hand, the range of vintage Rolex watches is becoming ever lower, while the demand continues to rise. On the other hand, demand from emerging countries such as India, where global prosperity is growing, is also rising. Especially in Russia and Asia the demand for the Rolex watches is growing drastically. Some experts call the Rolex even as a kind of global currency, since this is quickly converted into real money.

Also due to lack of confidence in financial products after the economic crisis in recent years, alternative investments are increasingly in demand. Watches as a value system combine passion and value growth. In addition, one must not underestimate the strong development of the market through the internet, which makes it easier to trade watches, especially collectors' items.

However, for decades, no brand can increase prices for the same product more than once. Regardless of whether it is a historical or a new model, we expect our latest achievement to offer a series of new features, developments and refinements that make sure that our newest and best piece is exactly that - with advances In design, comfort, reliability and accuracy. In terms of watches, there are many ways to describe what distinguishes a luxury item from the rest. But first and foremost, a luxury is something that goes beyond the fulfillment of requirements that are considered necessary in the strict sense. Since the first wrist watches were available in the early 1900s, there were always better - and thus more expensive - watches and cheaper watches, which differed in their quality with regard to the factors mentioned. But despite this 100-year-long history, the upswing of the luxury watch industry, as we know it, did not begin until the mid-1980s.

The price development of the Rolex brand on the Rolex Submariner "No Date"

In order to understand the most important steps from the development of a watch to a luxury product, it is a product that has a comprehensive and continuous history that goes well beyond the 80s. A model that seems to be particularly suitable for these purposes is the Rolex Submariner. At the time of its appearance in 1954, it was one of the few professional diving watches and was perceived primarily as a tool. In contrast, today's submarines have become an internationally recognized status symbol, whose design is one of the most frequently imitated watches. This represents a tremendous transformation and, on closer inspection, you can see how beautiful this model involves the steps of the transition from a tool to a luxury product.

The price development of the Rolex Submariner no-Date 5513/14060/14060 (M) is now to be described more precisely by the official retail prices of Rolex since the year 1957.

Of course, in the price development of the Rolex Submariner "No Date" in addition to inflation, many other factors have to be considered, which determine the selling price of a watch, such as costs for the material, personnel costs, research and development, marketing and brand positioning as well as long - Improvement of manufacturing processes.

But how much do such advances actually cost consumers? In the table above you can see in black how the prices of the Rolex Submariner No-Date changed from 1957 to June 2012. The bill behind it is simple. If we adjust the initial price of 1957 to the inflation rate of 2014, we come to $ 1.265, while the clock today actually costs $ 7500. So you could say that today's Submariner 6x costs more than it should "actually". Also other Rolex models show such an extreme price development, so that luxury watches are best suited as a capital investment.

Monat und Jahr


Preise Rolex Submariner 
5513/14060/14060(M) in $



März 1975

Februar 1980

Februar 1988

September 1992

September 1996

Oktober 2006

Oktober 2007

März 2008

Oktober 2008

September 2010

Juni 2012 















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